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Every breath you take.

Isn’t tech incredible? Just you reading this line is proof of that.

Unfortunately, the beauty of tech stops when it gets a little too personal.

Privacy is a problem. Every step you take, every move you make, they're watching you. Sting already knew it when he wrote the song back in 1982.

But it's not all doom and gloom. There are folks out there that are better than others at (not) dealing with your data. Some are doing an amazingly good job!

Yet who should you trust? It’s never so clear when the phrase ‘we take your privacy very seriously’ doesn’t mean anything anymore.

And trying to figure it out is a hassle. There's the lengthy privacy policies that nobody really reads. Also the infinite amount of data that gets shared and sold behind your back.

Introducing Panther.

Panther tells you who to trust with your data and why, immediately. All in a clear, simple way. No matter if you're just a little worried or if you're a full-on privacy advocate.

Now you can quickly find out what information does Signal collect, what trackers Spotify uses on their app, or if Uber had a data breach.

It's you watching them now.

Feel the power.

All your privacy needs in one place, be it a quick glance or a full investigation.

Panther score card


The ultimate privacy score.

This is how it's calculated:

  • policy icon

    Privacy policy

    We pick out the terms that will come back to bite you. Thanks to Natural Language Processing there's no more boring fine print.

  • app icon

    App privacy

    We discover the trackers that monitor you behind the scenes. Both on mobile and desktop.

  • web icon

    Website privacy

    We also sweep websites for naughty trackers and security bits and pieces that affect your privacy.

  • data icon

    Data breaches

    We let you know of all known leaks that expose your data in the open, making it freely available to anyone.

Dig a little deeper (and neater).

We packed in all the nitty-gritty in a digestible way, broken down and up-to-date.

Panther factors

Find safer alternatives.

If you don't fancy feeding a data hoarder, you can find less hungry ones in the wild. Ranked by Pantherscore.

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Email securely stored and encrypted.
Used for access and updates only (Privacy Policy).